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2nd January 2005

1:30pm: life is so wonderful!!!!!!
well I just wanted to say Happy birthday ( a very belated one) to Sinead! Sorry I haven't called, I have been stressed with passing the licence test. By the way, I passed!!!!!!! I am now finally and officially a licenced driver!!!!!!! Just in case anybody cares, I am moving to Hawaii in about a year so that will be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well talk to ya lata byyyyyyye!!
Current Mood: cheerful

5th November 2004

5:33pm: oooooooooh nooo!!!
Well I haven't said shit for a while, but hey how is everyone???? Well I was seriously surprised about the election results. As an independant I see both views of the parties. and it is not my place to judge people for who they voted for but cmon fuckin Bush is a big old idiot. Anyways I'm scared, very scared. Other than that, I wanna give some shoutouts to Neady! Lynds what days are u gonna work at hillsdale? I will be going to school right next to that mall. And hey clint how are u doin? Allright well I love you guys byeeeeeeee!!
Current Mood: curious

14th August 2004

7:10am: well you guys umm, I just had surgury on my mouth, and I am still hurtin. WEll I miss my friends hopefully they still are my buuddies. I don't ever know what to say on this stupid livejournal thingy.

31st May 2004

10:49am: farewell :( (I don't want to)
Well I am officially withdrawing from live journal. I wish everybody the best but I am really tired of caring about people that don't care that much for me. I can't go to parties that I would love to go to because two people who hate me always go to those parties. The others don't call me, and even though I haven't made a huge effort to keep in contact with people, the effort was still larger than of those I tried to keep in contact with. I do have a boyfriend that I am truly inlove with now, but I can't bring him to those parties. In a place where there are two ex-boyfriends of which one of them hates me, there can only be trouble. Don't get me wrong I still love my friends but I can't help but feel left out.I mean what does it matter? I am just a ditsy, uncaring and forgettable person. you have no idea how hurtful it feels.
Current Mood: depressed

22nd April 2004

2:10am: Sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is how I feel at this moment
Yah so I have given up on friends. I am always the one calling people and no one calls me. When I do call they are all too busy; I understand but I am also busy, yet I try to make the effort to call, so if you want to be considered my friend, post me or call me at 415-425-9114. If not it was nice knowing you
Current Mood: disappointed

12th March 2004

9:27pm: While I was getting a pedicure, an old man was getting one right next to me, it was so powerful!
I think I have a thing for Adam Sandler! Anyways I think I am going to NewZealand in the summer, yo! How is everybody doing? I lost my yearbook! Ok thats Jessica in a nutshell post me u guys!
Current Mood: crazy

21st February 2004

8:32am: Guess what i Lost?
hey u guys! I recently lost my cell phone and had to get a new one, so i lost a whole bunch of numbers that I really wish i hadn't! So if you wish to keep in contact with JESSY post me a comment on how much u miss me teehee and give me your number. If u would rather ur number be incognito from other people email me at Candyisdandy17@aol.com. Ok i love yaaaaaaaaa
Current Mood: chipper

14th February 2004

2:50am: you know who i miss?
you know who i really miss? I miss Aarom medders. He probably hates me now because he is buddies with my x but, he better not be!! I saw mr.Aaron at in and out but he didn't say hi but it was probably because he was too busy! anyways i miss u aaron M. I also miss aaron V and plip. Ofcourse i miss Sinead and Martin. and CLint!! and lyndsie duh. you know what, i may not always call these guys but they never call me, so sometimes I question how much they care about me ?
Current Mood: disappointed

1st February 2004

8:15am: could it be...no?
hello everyone, guess what I think I am finally and truly inlove. It is kinda scary! i know this sounds a bit childish, but I am serious you guys! oh well how are you. post me back and tell me about your day!

19th December 2003

10:13pm: aloha
So I Know I have not said something on this journal for a super long time. How are you guys doing? To those I haven't talked to in a while, I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you...really! I have just been so busy with school. Anyways I am going to Hawaii in January on the ninth so call me before than if you want to chill! :)

21st October 2003

9:21pm: The Day Has Come
yep it's true, I now have braces. To tell you the truth, they suck pretty bad. but like they say... beauty is pain! So i better damn to be pretty after feeling this pain for two years
Current Mood: sore

8th October 2003

11:06pm: heres............. Jessy!
ok, I am back. I know it has been a while and I am sure nobody cares that I am back. I have one thing to say to everyone that doesn't have me on their buddy list, u are missin out buddy!!!! and to anybody who doesn't love me, you are missin out buddy!!! haha jk anyways whats new????
Current Mood: chipper

18th August 2003

6:29pm: What has Jessica been doin
Jessica has been busy lately! I spent a week in Tahoe with my boyfriend. SO GOOOOOOD!!! Then a week with Lyndsie even better.....(I wish nead could have come) I went to Marine world and wasted 8 dollars on this crepe that didn't even taste that good. I have also been praparing for school ewwwwwww!!!!! You know what I need? One last big party. Oh and a friend I know is getting married in two weeks. What a waste of youth!!! Thats all for now byyyyyyyyyyyyyye.
p.s. Remember when Justin and kelly made that movie from American idol and it was horribe? Well I was thinking that Clay and Rubin could do a movie called, "From Rubin to Clay" and throughout the whole movie Rubin would boss Clay around and say "You stupid cracka, what the hell you doin?!"

11th August 2003

12:00am: oh fuck yah!!
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24th July 2003

1:58pm: aww :)
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20th July 2003

8:13am: so everyone, should Jessica leave Live Journal? yes, no?

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why do I have to be so crazy?
Current Mood: sad

16th July 2003

3:10am: HMMM I feel nice
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Current Mood: indescribable

12th July 2003

11:10am: no one ever makes comments
man, who ever makes a comment on my entry is cooler than batman!! hey thats pretty cool
Current Mood: uncomfortable

9th July 2003

10:55am: why is jessica such a horrible person.
alright i am extremely hurt and pissed off, how can a person who says they loved another or whatever all of the sudden hate you? I understand that I should'nt care but as a caring person, i feel wounded that someone would never ever want to talk to me again! You know sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to be and it does suck but that is life and no one can blame someone else for that. I am tired for blaming myself for things I don't deserve to be blamed for. And i am sad that a good friend can just give up a friendship over some silly relationship. I guess i don't understand because i am still on good terms with ex's who at one time made me feel like i wanted to die. sheez, i am so sorry to anyone i have hurt because i never meant or wanted to. Everyone i have met in this lifetime has touched me in a very special way and i truly hope i have done the same.

5th July 2003

1:36pm: jessicas inner most feelings
you know it feels good to know what i want for once and to know a good thing when i see it. Lyndsie i took your advice and took a chance and it is going super :) Sinead i really miss u hope u will go camping with us :) Sarah, i knew u lied when u said u guys broke up :) Aaron i miss u too, i hope u don't hate me. and lastly paul I am really so happy that u like a new girl. I know u never want to speak to me again and so on but just know that i never stopped caring. I will cherish the good times we had. Just try to be happy and if u need to hate me, than ok
Current Mood: content

3rd July 2003

3:00pm: ha.. figures
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Current Mood: accomplished

29th June 2003

2:56pm: who knows?
i just wanted to say to lyndsie and sinead, i am so sorry i didn't see you guys on friday, i didn't have enought time, and i love you and again i am so sorry and hey nead u wanna go clubbin and lyndsie... i think i am falling in love :) heehee

23rd June 2003

2:09pm: farfenugen
hey, Jessica is still alive, i know, i am sure you were all worried. The great news is, is that i am definately, truly, amazingly and surely alive. Anyways i just wanted to let everyone know that and everyone, I love you :) (well almost everyone) hahahahaahahahahahaah jk
Current Mood: dorky
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